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Juice Engineering is your competence centre for every aspect of e-vehicle charging technology.

A multidisciplinary research and development team of experienced specialists working in the fields of software, hardware, construction and design all working under one roof. Juice Engineering develops product changes and derivatives, white label solutions, components and complex software integration projects for customers across the world in very short timescales.

- Mindset makes the difference -

Now you can benefit from the accumulated experience of Juice, makers of the world’s leading portable charging station, Juice Booster 2. As the only device in its class to be certified by TÜV, this charger is based on expertise and solutions that could fit seamlessly in your projects.


Juice products and solutions work.
Always. Safe. Compliant.


Research and Development


Juice Engineering is the perfect partner for OEMs, electricity suppliers, property companies and other large power users.

JUICE hardware and software has been successfully tried and tested throughout the world. Tempted?

It only takes a moment to switch to our individual solutions or adaptations.

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